Native American Tribes in the Weird West

The Sioux Nations

Lakota: The seven bands that make up the Lakota tribe— the Hunkpapa, Oglala, Burnt Thigh (Brule), Minneconjous, Sihasapa (Blackfeet), Itazipacola (Sans Arcs), and Oohenupa (Two Kettles)—together form the dominant force in the Sioux Nations. Each clan sends an elder to the tribal council of wicasa yatapickas. The council is currently ruled by a four-tribe majority led by Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa), along with Red Cloud (Oglala), American Horse (Burnt Thigh), and Lame Deer (Minneconjous). These tribes follow the Old Ways, while the minority tribes wish to open the Black Hills to more mining. The Lakota are allied with the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, and they seem to make war on nearly everyone else. Their two greatest enemies are the Crow and Pawnee, who were expelled from the Plains when the Sioux Nations were established.

Northern Cheyenne: This small, spiritual tribe is the bridge between the Sioux Nation and the Coyote Confederation. They are not numerous, but they hope other tribes will join in their peaceful ways. Chief Whirlwind is known to be allied with wind spirits, and his almost magical use of a cavalry saber.

The Northern Cheyenne are closely allied with the Lakota and Arapaho, as well as the Southern Cheyenne. The Northern Cheyenne have few direct enemies, but the Shoshoni and Crow continue to raid their people all around the Disputed Territories.

The Coyote Confederation

The Coyote Confederation is a loose affiliation of five tribes that have warred with one another in the past. They are led by a mysterious, hooded figure known only as Coyote.

Arapaho: Allied with the Southern Cheyenne, the Arapaho are the peacekeepers of the Confederation. Their enemies are the Ute, Shoshoni, and Pawnee. Big Fox, pictured below, has earned a reputation for his diplomacy.


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Cherokee: Displaced more than any other Plains tribe and now nearly vanished, the remaining few Cherokee scout for the whites. Others are allied with the Comanche.

Comanche: Violent and adversarial, the Comanche are the most powerful tribe in the Coyote Confederation. The current chief of the Comanche is Quanah Parker. They are allied with the Kiowa and Cherokee tribes, and make war on every other tribe within their reach.


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Kiowa: Like their allies the Comanche, the Kiowa are a warlike tribe and raid any other tribe they meet. Chief Satanta leads the Kiowa.

Southern Cheyenne: Like their northern brethren, this small tribe is very spiritual and diplomatic. They are allied with the Arapaho, and have no enemies save the whites.


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Disputed Territories

Apaches: Found mostly in the Arizona and New Mexico territories, the many small Apache tribes are consummate raiders and scouts. For the most part the Apache and Navajo tribes are allied, and their enemies are the whites who hunt them.

Crow: This tribe is the most active enemy of the Coyote Confederation, and its members often scout for the Texas Rangers and various rail companies. They gave up the Old Ways long ago. Women tend to be the most powerful shamans among the Crow.

Navajo: Owners of vast sacred lands in the Southwest, the Navaho are protectors of all the desert tribes. They number the Apache among their allies, and have no enemies besides
hostile whites.

Paiute: This small, spiritual tribe founded the Ghost Dance and continues to be the center of the movement. They are led by a charismatic and welcoming medicine man named Ovoka. They maintain a strong alliance with the Shoshoni, and have no major tribal enemies.

Pawnee: Displaced from their land when the Sioux Nations were formed, the Pawnee are now the avowed enemy of the Lakota and Arapaho. They still follow the Old Ways, but number few other tribes as allies.

Shoshoni: The Shoshoni, ardent followers of the Ghost Dance, provide protection to their Paiute allies. They are also allied withthe Nez Perce and sometimes the Utes. They are the avowed nemesis of both organized Indian nations.

Yaqui: A converted tribe found in northern Mexico and the southernmost end of the Arizona Territory. They have a warlike reputation among Indian tribes, and their traditional enemies are the Spanish who invaded their lands.

Zuni Pueblo: Isolated, secretive descendants of the long-vanished Anasazi, this tribe is found in New Mexico.

The Great Maze

Klamath: The central tribe of the Necessity Alliance, along with the Chumash, Miwok, Coastanoan, and Gabrielino.

Pomo: Far-scattered and nearly destroyed by the Great Quake, the Pomo are master scouts and fighters in the water.

Mojave: This tribe of farmers at the mouth of the Colorado River has only recently come into contact with whites and bears little ill will toward them.

The Northwest

Haida, Tlingit, and Tshimshian: These wealthy tribes are peaceful and very materialistic. No other tribes have ever experienced such prosperity.

  • excerpted from Player’s Guide – The Last Sons

Native American Tribes in the Weird West

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