A Conversation With Laughing Calf

Excerpt from a purported conversation with Laughing Calf after the events of Buffalo Men:

Eugene walks with Laughing Calf a few dozen paces away from the bodies of the Buffalo Men, still steaming from the hot bullets that riddled their bodies. He asks Laughing Calf a simple question: “Didn’t you say I couldn’t harm the Buffalo Men if I was not blessed?”

Laughing Calf nods.

Then, half to himself and half to Laughing Calf, “So either you were wrong (and I don’t think you’d make a mistake about something like this) or it appears that whatever curse lays on my soul must not be unfailing. It would appear, that with enough strength of will, or perhaps a moment of mercy I can either be granted a reprieve from God’s judgment or…or I must draw a very different conclusion. That this is not God’s judgment, but the work of a man, or a spiteful manitou. That what lies on me is not a fate accompli, but a sorcery – and sorcery can be undone, or in the very least, worked against. And if in fact it is the work of God through a strange and contorted path, then there is some reason for me to act without the extra blessing of medicine or prayer. That for some reason, I am to make of myself and my abilities, what I can – and stand on my own merits.”

A Conversation With Laughing Calf

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