Iiniwa "The Bison"

Native American Shaman



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Code of Honor

  1. Will not betray the old ways.
  2. Will always properly give thanks to the spirits. (Ritual once per day, even at detriment to self)
  3. Will always defend a fellow Native.
  4. Must try to restore spiritual balance when able.
  5. Must destroy evil spirits when able.

Worst Nightmare

  • Having to fight another Native, under any circumstances, but especially one where they have been corrupted.
  • Be forced to use an item that does not adhere to the old ways

Notes: Has a dog, named Fitz that he now travels with. It has a torn ear on the left side and scar which mirrors Bison. It got it’s name from when Bison was told that the dog “fits him.”

Iiniwa "The Bison"

Deadlands: Anastasis & Wormwood signcontrast Slimemold