Min: Why did you choose me?

Manitou: Because you’re a stone-cold killer.

Min: But there are plenty of stone-cold killers who die. Why not someone else?

Manitou: You’re a true monster, just like your mother. Guess it runs in the family.

Min: Leave her out of this, you shit!

Manitou: You shouldn’t ask questions if you can’t handle the truth.

Min: Like you know anything about truth. You couldn’t give an honest answer if your existence depended on it.

Manitou: Not true. Ask me something.

Min: Who else in my posse is a manitou most likely to possess?

Manitou: Hm. Probably the card magician or the mad scientist. Both are messing with forces they only think they understand. Those types are easy marks.

Min: Interesting.

Manitou: Maybe you should eliminate them before they become competition.

Min: Let me be clear. If you ever take control and kill anyone in my posse, I will blow my brains out and kill you along with me.

Manitou: You’re not a very good bluffer.

Min: You think I’m bluffing? I already killed myself once. You really want to bet your life on it?

Manitou: Your posse is talking about you behind your back, you know. Saying you can’t be trusted, you’re possessed by a demon, that maybe you would be better off destroyed. I think the Indian in particular wants to kill you.

Min: Your bullshit is so transparent the town fool could see through it.

Manitou: We don’t have to fight like this. I took you because I thought we could work together. Do you even realize the gift I’ve given you?

Min: You mean besides the gift of smelling rotten?

Manitou: No, I mean power beyond mere mortals. Who else can turn into a ghost and walk through walls? Who else can extract a piece of her brain and turn it into a deadly poison? Or see in the dark as well as any cat? I can bring you even more power if you will work with me.

Min: There is something I want. Revenge.

Manitou: Your vengeful streak is one of your best qualities. You want vengeance against the people who destroyed your mother, correct?

Min: Yes. Rat Skinner Hou, Big Ears Tam, Warlord Kang. Maybe Yan Lo. Anyone connected to her murder or defilement must die or at least be ruined. I will destroy all they hold dear.

Manitou: Those are powerful men. Perhaps you should set your sights lower.

Min: I don’t care what you say; I am going after them. But you have a point. They are extremely powerful individuals and I’m not sure if I have enough to take them. I will work further on developing these Harrowed powers. And I’ll absorb the essence of more monsters as well. I already have some ideas about using the abilities I have gained. The next time Rat Skinner Hou or Big Ears Tam has a banquet it could be a very memorable meal.

Manitou: It felt good devouring those monster souls, didn’t it?

Min: That’s beside the point, I need their power. Will you help me?

Manitou: Of course. Why else am I here?


Deadlands: Anastasis & Wormwood signcontrast Ogre_Mage