Denver Locations of Interest

Denver Pacific Train Station – noisy and hectic, it has many small rooms and alcoves for low-profile meetings. Crowds chum by while shady characters deal their goods and services. All sorts pass through here on their way into and out of the city, or on to their business.


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The Elephant Corral – wagons selling livestock and supplies


  • photograph from Hulton Archive, Getty Images

The Palace Theatre – the best place around to get information, good gambling & decent but slightly expensive drinks


  • photograph by Getucker 2008

The Slippery Salamander – a small saloon known for stiff whisky drinks and the level-headed bartender. Rumor has it, it has some of the finest entertainers on weekends…

St. Mary’s Cathedral – active church said to possibly be haunted due to moans heard at night

Boot Hill – the old Denver Cemetery outside the city. It’s said to be filled with the restless dead.

Denver Locations of Interest

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