Xun Ru

Adventurer from Shan Fan



Xun (surname, pronounced SHOON, means very quick)
Ru (given name, pronounced ROO, means learner)

Ru is a well dressed young man mixing Chinese and Western clothing styles. He prefers red silk shirts when in town but has enough sense to dress appropriately for the road and the weather. Ru enjoys the finer things in life; warm bathes, good music, lively company and fine drinks. Tea, incense, and dried squid are some of his favorites as they remind him of Shan Fan.

Upon meeting Ru one quickly finds he is easy going and friendly, usually laughing off insults. A measured hedonist, he is generous with his dollars. He wants others to enjoy life as much as he does. He tends to sometimes make too light of situations and people that should probably be taken seriously. Ru is an optimist, a dangerous byproduct of a happy childhood.

Portrait by adlovett on DeviantArt



Ru never knew his father and learned quickly never to ask after him. His young mother’s pregnancy was a shame the family never spoke of. He has vague memories of a brother but no memories of him past early childhood. Ru was raised among his cousins in a very large extended family and had a happy childhood. His grandfather was an acupuncturist and practiced a little Chinese medicine. The elder taught Ru pressure points and vulnerabilities of the human body.

The matriarchal Xun family ran a brisk trade in medicinals and imported foods in Shan Fan. From the time he could walk and talk Ru was put to work and soon became a courier slipping between the bustling crowds to deliver packages and letters. He learned that dressing poor and sometimes even hiring himself out as a menial servant helped him avoid attention when needed and got him access into nearly anywhere. Although his family was successful they lived very modestly, hoarding away their money or sending it back to relatives in China. Ru was cut from different cloth. He loved spending more than earning. Bristling under his bossy aunts Ru left Shan Fan to make his own fortune (and blow it on the finer things).

Growing up surrounded and spoiled by the love of family and friends Ru has always taken both for granted. The lonely road has been a hard place for him and his optimism has taken quite a beating. Ru arrived in Denver a short time ago looking for something he has been missing. Something elusive. If he is frugal his dollars will last him another week or two and he is most definitely not frugal.

Ru’s worst fear is finding himself abandoned, broke, and friendless.

Xun Ru

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