Manuel "El Flor Rojo"

outlaw bountyhunter gunslinger


Leader of El Groupo El Dor.
$160 price on his head.
He’s been growing his notoriety since the Mexican-American War. Officially, he’s been responsible for the death of 16 men, but unofficially he’s been involved in countless gunfights leading to scores of corpses. Occasionally Manuel works as a bounty hunter or mercenary for employers in the contested states and Southwest. Rumor has it, he’s taken more than one contract, under the table, for Bayou Vermillion. None can confirm this, though, and Bayou Vermillion reminds investigators he’s a known outlaw in the South. They would have no such dealings.

Recently, El Groupo El Dor ran a girl into the Denver mainstreet. Witnesses saw a gun fight ensue. Apparently, he’d been tracking said girl under the name of the law, and that she had papers legally owned by Bayou Vermillion. A little known group traveling with a young Chinese American woman going by the name of Min Zhang faced off out of the Slippery Salamander Saloon. Min was seen to kill 4 members of El Groupo El Dor.

Manuel "El Flor Rojo"

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