Big Fox

Arapaho Chief


Big Fox is a diplomatic figure among the Arapaho, and even beyond. He has brought numerous tribes together on more than one occasion, and has taken an almost legendary status for being able to bring different tribes together and arranging peaceful accords.

More recently he has taken an interest in a small posse of western men and women, two of which are of Chinese American decent. He worries that they may unwittingly be harbingers of the Reckoners. He remains undecided, but he sees Iniwa changing under their influence. Iniwa has long been a promising warrior in the tribe with a deep faith, so to see his pure vision somewhat strained makes even a leader such as Big Fox begin to wonder if his more militant peers in the tribes were indeed correct – that the white man has brought the end to their world. Were the Ghost Dancers correct in trying to bring the ghosts back? Even if this may have contributed to the return of the Reckoners?

Big Fox keeps to himself noticeably more in the past months, reflecting on these questions. He sometimes turns a letter over in his pocket, stamped with Shan Fan postage.


Big Fox

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