Deadlands: Anastasis & Wormwood

Slippery Salamanders & Whiskey Damsels

Session 2

The names on the list read:

  • Lazlow Sorenson
  • Felix Maloney
  • Dr. Margot J. Jourdain
  • Min Zhang
  • Xun Ru

April 29th 1879 – accounts from the desk of Dr. Margot J. Jourdain

After our arousing adventure with the Arapaho Buffalo Men, we ventured back to Denver to share our findings with Mr. Thompson, also known as “Rawhide” (how a man can call himself thus, I will never know). Again, Mr. Thompson is the liaison for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. I gave him a detailed account of the men we had discovered, growing full grown buffalo heads out of their own bodies. Oddly enough, their bodies seemed to be somewhat decayed. I have subtle suspicion that there may be a correlation between utilizing animal body parts to prolong life. I included these findings in my twenty page report, Report on the Men of Buffalo, by Dr. Margot J. Jourdain. Ah yes, I neglect to include a description of the detailed photographs by our very talented, Mr. Felix Maloney. These photographs capture the monstrosities in their gory state.

Mr. Maloney and I convince Mr. Thompson to pay our agreed upon price for our report and evidence that the attacks were provoked by monsters, not by the local indigenous tribes. Sadly, Mr. Guest could not accompany us back to Denver, taking it upon himself to complete the ritual to once and for all banish these demons. I am certain Mr. Maloney or Mr. Ru will keep his funds safe until his return.

Mr. Thompson proceeded to inform us that there was a letter that arrived from Burnside, Co. requesting the assistance of a Denver deputy. Unfortunately, Denver was lacking a deputy due to some nefarious activities. Because of our recent role as mercenaries the job fell upon us, with promise of a well-paying reward. We were told that the meeting was to be expected April 30th at the Slippery Salamander. That night, Mr. Rue spent carousing with Mr. Sorenson and sharp eyed Ms. Zhang, at a local hole, while Mr. Maloney printed his fine pictures and I spent the majority of my night writing my account of the Buffalo Men. In the midst of drunken revelry, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Sorenson overheard some talk to a gang, El Groupo El Dor. They were known as local bounty hunters and much feared. Ms. Zhang’s reputation for pistols proceeded her, with a little help from the fast talking from Mr. Ru. The barkeep of the fine establishment hinted at some good work the lady may do,if she was so inclined, but nothing further came out of the exchange.

The night and morning passed quickly into mid-afternoon on the 30th. We met at the Slippery Salamander, whiskey to ease the tensions in the room. Now I may be a lady, but I do a “man’s job” and I am not one to turn down a drink every once in a while. A rumbling came from outside. Cattle stampeded through the town, chickens scattered in every direction. The town grew quiet, aside from the trampling of hooves. A gang of men pursued one woman on horseback. She dismounted in a flurry, breathless and distraught. The men came up quickly behind her. Mr. Maloney, Mr. Ru and Ms. Zhang were outside. Myself and Mr. Sorenson were still in the bar. I ordered two whiskeys for myself and Mr. Sorenson readied himself behind the bar. El Groupo El Dor. The woman burst through the doors. She had to have been no more than 20. I pulled out my sword, ready for the first unfamiliar face. I waited.

Outside, Ms. Zhang did not hesitate. Perhaps it’s her youthfulness that makes her so quick, but she felled three men in a matter of minutes. Mr. Maloney denied he was a part of this showdown, quietly cowering in the corner of the Slippery Salamander. But the bloodlust got to him as well and he felled a man down in one shot. Mr. Ru, the daredevil, scrambled up the side of the building to the roof. There he held his fire for one good shot on the leader, Manuel.


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