Deadlands: Anastasis & Wormwood

She'll Put a Spell on You

Session 7

  • group is approached by Tabitha, working for the Black River Railroad Co.
  • offers a job to retrieve a package en route on the Denver Pacific line
  • arrival coinciding with the centennial of the railroad
  • Xun Ru tried to loosen her up, but she remains cool
  • defends her honor against a pack of rowdy drinkers
  • group investigates with the local Denver Pacific foreman, ____
  • Eugene and Felix work her over
  • Xun Ru, Laslow, and Dr. Jourdain look for information on Bayou Vermillion
  • the dreams start
  • visit the fortune teller
  • find an agent who’s been passing information to a local Bayou Vermillion agent
  • follow him, put pressure on him, and he reveals the group he’s hired to kill them
  • they coerce the poor young man into setting up a false meeting, lay ambush to the group
  • the flamethrower wielding weird scientist, Crazy Carl, and his posse go down in slaughter house


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