Deadlands: Anastasis & Wormwood

Here Comes the Night

Session 8

  • Xun Ru and Min dispose of the bodies
  • Eugene and Dr. Jourdain sell the flamethrower
  • Laslow, Dr. Jourdain, and Xun Ru investigate more and discover the Bayou agent
  • Xun Ru makes a couple friends on the streets
  • Eugune and Felix return to the railway and discover the foreman is very different, appears not to recognize Eugene and Felix, doesn’t appear to remember their prior conversation details
  • Eugene concludes that there is magic at work, possibly possession
  • The go back over their information and discover the likely whereabouts of the Bayou agent
  • he is an African American pretending to be an authentic voodoo priest, scaring a saloon out of its wits
  • Felix finds his room and Eugene disposes of the voodoo dolls and all the material
  • the agent reveals he’s been simply using tools sent to him, reveals information about the coming package and its bearer
  • the group sneaks into the railway office with the help of a light cantrip from Eugene
  • The go back to their room for rest, except Xun Ru
  • attacked by creatures of the night, nosferatu, and spiders that crawl through the window
  • Dr. Jourdain and Eugene blast the creatures, while Laslow does his best with his rifle to hold the line and Min gives everything she has with her pistols to horrifingly little effect
  • Xun Ru barely escapes the spiders with his life, but quick wits and fleet foot allows him escape


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