Deadlands: Anastasis & Wormwood

Bison, after the events outside of Shan Fan

Session 14.5

The teeming streets of Shan Fan are largely ignorant to Bison as he strides down the road. People flow around him like water around a stone in a river. As he walks his mind wanders to the tasks he must accomplish before he can leave the city.

His first stop is the sewers to repay his debt. A group of rats crowd around him as his feet splash through the refuse and filth. He speaks to several mischiefs (note: a group of rats is called a mischief) before reaching an agreement on their reward. After returning to the surface he tracks down several shop owners willing to give him their leftover food at a discount. Even with a reduced price is the rats are many and Bison spends most of his coin to feed his small allies.

With the little remaining money he has he travels back to the gambling den. He does not relish another interaction with Rat Skinner but it is the only way to help one of the animals imprisoned there. Bison speaks to Rat Skinner and agrees to complete the second fight they had agreed on. He negotiates his payment in the form of freedom of one of the fighting dogs. His opponent was a greasy man who stunk of industry and science. With renewed purpose Bison dismantles his opponent. With his new friend in tow, a large mutt sporting a torn ear and scar mirroring Bison’s own, Bison heads back into the world to complete his last task.

He has not forgotten his mission given to him from Big Fox. He has much to say and proceeds to use the last of his remaining coin to ensure that a letter makes it to back to Big Fox and the Arapaho in Colorado. It reads as follows.

Big Fox,

I have seen much in my journey, both good and bad. This place, Shan Fan as the locals call it, has an interesting connection with the spirits. Parts of the town feel as though they channel energy, some direct it towards good spirits and promote harmony with nature. Others are dark places that bend and distort the spirit realm to serve Manitou and breed corruption. I have seen miracles of natural healing and yet I have also seen great abuse. My friends and I have done much to make the world better but I still sense a great darkness on the horizon. Having half my sight taken has turned out to be a blessing, I can see more than I ever could with two eyes. The world is much larger than I could have imagined and the more clear things become the less obvious the right path becomes. I will have to report once I have learned more.



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